See cyberpanel features. Docs for it seem good and are here.
Installation instructions here.
Testing on ES3
Azdigi has some pages and videos that might be useful.

So far Cyberpanel seems to have all we need to provide web hosting.

  • Includes mail server.
  • It even has reseller accounts.
  • The UI is pleasant to use and much easier for a new user to get used to than DirectAdmin or cPanel.
  • SSL is really easy for the user to install.
  • We can set whatever limits we need to for any user.
  • Free and open source
  • uses litespeed
  • Auto-installer for WordPress and a few others.
  • The version with full litespeed server is free up to 2GB ram and 1 domain so we could use cheap VPS for each user.
  • Has easily accessible CSS editing so can be customised.

So far, so good. But…

.htaccess problem

The free version will not reload the .htaccess after it’s been modified. Possible solutions to go below:

  • A user in the support forum had the beginnings of an idea, to write a daemon to monitor the home folder for changes and then restart. But restart is not ideal.
  • Surely it can’t be this easy, can it?
  • Maybe it is… this is for openlitespeed, apparently. There will be a way!
  • This should work if all else fails, cron job to check every 3 mins for changed .htaccess files and reload them.

Update Problems

16.08.23: Updating cyberpanel completely disabled the server. Had to reinstall. Subsequent apt upgrade took almost 4 hours and 3 retrys. Seems to be litespeed server, it’s on and off and only a few kb/s. Connection kept being dropped.

After it was finally installed there were errors (can’t remember all) which I went through and eventually it narrowed down to pure-ftpd-mysql package haivng errors and preventing dpkg from working properly. “Method 4: Remove post info files of the troublesome package” from this page seems to have worked.

Mail server Problems

Able to set up mail accounts but having trouble getting ssl for the mail server. Docs say it is done automatically when a website is added but it was not. This page might help.

Also unable to use the email, unable to log in, autodetect doesnt work and manual fails – looks like I need to open some ports. The docs say Port 25, Port 587, Port 465, Port 110, Port 143, Port 995, Port 993 and nmap localhost says 110, 143, 995, 993 are not open. Server is using firewalld so next have to figure how to open them. what protocols do they use? E.g in firewalld docs it says to use sudo firewall-cmd --add-port=port-number/port-type but what is the port type? I guess tcp udp etc but which?